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Ruskin assumes no responsibility for effects on the building or mechanical system created by louver selections based on any result or information provided by this Program. YOU MUST consult with the Louver Sales group at the Ruskin Company headquarters (816-761-7476) to verify the most current product information. Further, you are advised to second-check and verify all calculations and selections coming from this Program with a paper record or alternate source.

Note: Our louver products and their performance ratings may also change from time to time. While it is our intent to update this Program periodically to provide the most up-to-date information possible, some information may not be updated immediately, and we accept no liability for a failure to update.

Additionally, this Program will never take into account the effects of factors not identified in the Program, such as, but not limited to: local weather conditions, system airflow effects, special construction and installation requirements, elevated wind loads, impact loads and field modifications. Consult with Ruskin if you believe one or more of these conditions may exist on your application.

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